General Stores Supply

As a general ship supplier, We can provide a full range of high quality marine stores, in guidance with codes and descriptions to IMPA and ISSA standards. For efficiency supplying to brisk-marine-service-ship-supply-storevessels, we keep large quantities of ship stores in stock to ensure that urgent requests from our customers are successfully delivered on short notice.
Supply Scope:

Deck/ Engine/ Cabin/ Electrical/Safety Stores

Newbuilding Initial Stores

BA Charts & Publications/ IMO Signals/Symbols & Flags

Medicines with Medical Cert. & English Menu

Marine Deck Fitting & Hatch Cover Spares

Anchor Chains/ Anchor & Anodes

Wire Rope & Mooring Ropes

Electronic & Navigational Equipment

Gas & Chemicals Service

Provisions Supply

Fresh Provisions are all picked and packed on the day of delivery guaranteeing that the Crew receives the freshest goods with the longer shelf life which is vital during the ships voyage out at sea.

Supply Scope:

Fresh Provisions

Frozen Provisions

Dry Provisions

Cheese & Milk

Bonded Stores

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